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SceneEngine is an Open Source platform independent 3D Production solution built on top of an easy to use object oriented c++ SDK, the SceneEngine libraries. File input and output, mesh creation and deformation, rendering and texture baking are just some of the features implemented by the SceneEngine SDK. The project includes import and export plug-ins for 3dsmax and Maya; a Lua interpreter to do script processing scenes, including rendering and texture baking; and an OpenGL scene viewer and editor. SceneEngine SDK can be used to create applications with full 3D Production support, or to extend existing applications. SceneEngine aims to be a complete solution for building efficient 3D production pipelines with total freedom.

Crack Art

CrackArt is an open source 3D graphics application built using the SceneEngine SDK. CrackArt is an object oriented application that features a flexible plug-in architecture.