Know Issues


Visit the Stripes forum here to report bugs or issues with Stripes or the Ptex 3ds Max plug-ins.

Known Issues - Stripes

  • A Ptex file can be very large. When this file is loaded in Stripes it becomes even larger. Stripes is still a 32 bits application, so at some point Windows memory will run out and Stripes will crash.
    Since Alpha 03 - 20110115 a new 8 bits painting mode was added. Ptex files that are not 32 bits per channel are painted in 8 bits. In the near future we'll add 16 bits per channel support, and allow the user to select the painting mode for the imported objects.
    Since Alpha 04 - 20110331, activating and deactivating patches and textures helps controlling how much memory Stripes use.
  • Stripes is not a 64 bits application yet.

Limitations - Stripes

  • Support for Wacom tablets hasn't been added.
  • No keyboard shortcuts yet.
  • Limited Undo-Redo support.

Limitations - 3dsmax Plug-ins

  • Texture only supports color and bump output. No displacement.